Department introduction

Shanghai Xinli Machinery Factory is a high-tech enterprises in Shanghai City, belonging to the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation eighth Research Institute (Shanghai Aerospace Bureau), the original code of 223 factory, is a manufacturing enterprise only forging sheet metal equipment Chinese space within the system, is the only state-owned enterprises within the industry, the site is located in Shanghai City, Pudong New Area East Road, No. 3333. In 2009 September, according to the Shanghai Aerospace Bureau of industrial structure adjustment, Shanghai Xinli machinery factory, Shanghai Xinxin machinery factory and Shanghai Aerospace Hydraulic Control System Co. Ltd. for the merger and reorganization of the new Shanghai Xinli machinery factory, is located in Shanghai City, and moved into the Minhang District Road No. 3392 building called the secret power equipment industry base of Hainan Airlines, based on the designed Shanghai Aerospace skills training center, was mapped eight Aerospace Academy for aerospace civilian industry "machine, electricity, liquid, gas integration equipment research and development base" and the special equipment manufacturing base.
Prior to the reorganization of Shanghai Xinli Machinery Factory is the predecessor of the Shanghai sixth machine tool plant, founded in 1958, in 1978 was placed under the Shanghai Aerospace Bureau, on the basis of the formation of the design of solid rocket engine, named 810, manufacturing tasks of surface to air missile solid rocket engine; to 1988, Sony factory started production of the shear and bending equipment manufacturing the model in order to expand the market of civil industry, development so far has complete sheet metal forging equipment series products, including normal and shearing machine CNC bending machine, various types of CNC turret punch, laser cutting machine, hydraulic machine, etc.. Our products are widely used in aerospace system in China within the factory "bomb, arrow, star, the ship," the forging process of sheet metal. The space under the independent brand "force" by the Shanghai Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce recognized as Shanghai famous trademark, the name of the product was awarded Shanghai famous brand products and famous brand Title China.
Shanghai Xinli machinery factory has many patent technology, in 2009 after the reorganization, the Shanghai Aerospace Bureau technical team of civilian industry and manufacturing capacity as the basis, in Shanghai and Shanghai Shi Zhengfu NASA's support, the new power plant to speed up the pace of development, the business sector in order to ensure the original market at the same time, acceleration to enter the high-end market, companies are from extensive manufacturing enterprises to the technical research and development, business transformation to solve the transformation from system integration to manufacturing plan.
"Military quality" is a new product of the pursuit of space, let the "force" brand products to become the product space under every Aerospace Xinli people show social space civilian equipment of national strength!

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